Kurumbang Party 2018



Thanking message

Kurumbang Pariwar, UK would like to express their gratitude and thanks to all chori-cheli, jwai-naran, bhanja-bhanji as well as daju-bhai who attended the Kurumbang party on 11th August to make it a very successful event. I hope the event including food and venue were able to meet your expectations.

Thanks again,

Kurumbang Pariwar, UK





Party Video and Pictures, date 28/08/2016











           Like previous years, a gathering event will be held this year for all the Kurumbang families residing across the UK. Therefore please treat this as a formal invitation to all the kurumbangs including daughters (chori cheli), son-in-laws (jwainaran), niece and nephews (vanja vanji). Your attendance is invaluable for this event's success.



     There might be Kurumbang related families who haven't heard of the event. Kurumbang pariwar Uk requests everyone to notify such families and request them to attend on the date. Thank you.

 Kurumbang Party Video 2015



 Kurumbang Party Photos 2015







Kurumbang Party Video 2014





Kurumbang Party Photos 2014


                 INVITATION NOTICE

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Photos 2013



                                                    Organization and body

  S/No  Appoitment Name Where from Currently area address
  1PresidentMr Nar bahadur Kurumbang ''b''From Simle 8, Terhathum North Hall, Middlesex, London
  2Vice PresidentMr Nar bahadur Kurumbang ''a''From Simle 1, Terhathum
 Wembley, Middlesex, London
MemberMr Krishna Kumar Kurumbang From Arubote, PantharaGrays, Essex 
  4Secretary  Mr Rupman Kurumbang From Angsarang, Panthar Doncaster, Yorkshire
  5MemberMr Amar KurumbangFrom Sanghu, Taplejung Colchester, Essex
  6   ,,Mr Harkajang KurumbangFrom Lasune, TerhathumBasingstoke, Hampshire
 ,,Mr Surendra Kumar Kurumbang Hanggum, Panthar Ashford
  8   ,,Mr Pepraj Kurumbang From Lasune, Terhathum Basingstoke, Hampshire
 ,,Mr Laxmi Prasad KurumbangSanghu, TaplejungOn service (QOGLR)
 10   ,,Mr Santosh KurumbangFrom Saghu, Taplejung Dover
 11  ,,Mr Uttam Kurumbang
KTM Plum-street  (Student)
 12 ,,Mr Bom Bahadur KurumbangFrom Simle 1, TerhathumGrays, Essex
 13 ,,   

             New member are always welcome .

Kurumbang party Videos & Movies

Introduction and Photos


 Main part

 Modern Dance

Kurumbang Party 22 May 2010

Kurumbang Pariwar UK Party 22 May 2010 photos







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